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Football Index in 3 minutes - 16/03/20


Football Index in 3 minutes - 16/03/20

Football Index In 3 minutes

Welcome to your first Football Index In 3 Minutes newsletter. Your weekly summary of the week just gone and a sneak peak at the week ahead. So here is everything you need to know about the week ending 15th March 2020 and yes you guessed it, in under 3 minutes.

Market Growth

Monday 9th March 2020 - Sunday 15th March 2020
How did you perform vs the market?
News of the Week
FI made an early move to stabilise the market ahead of the inevitable panic caused by Covid-19. Their 3 part plan which was released on Tuesday 10th March soon became a 2 part plan when PB leagues began to get postponed.

Thankfully the other two parts of their market stabilisation plan had a remarkable impact. An 8.25% deposit bonus resulted in over £3.2m increase in the market cap on the day of the announcement.

You have until 11.59pm on Thursday 23rd April to take advantage of the bonus.

While financial stock exchanges do not decide on the level of dividends paid out by it's listed companies, FI has no such limitations.  And they did not let the advantage slide as FI doubled the payout of an already generous structure (until 3rd April). 

Unfortunately, this hasn't been enough to stop the market panic as nations went into lock down and football across the continent has been postponed. FI have taken the step to increase spreads to unprecedented levels. 

The drastic measures FI have taken have helped the market, at time of writing, to rebound from the drop that will be alien to many new traders.

Whilst guessing the short-term direction of the market is not for the faint hearted it is probably safe to say volatility is likely to continue. 

Full Details of FI Announcement here
FIG released FIGCAST 6 with Panda - an excellent look at the impact of COVID-19 on Football Index. Strongly recommended listening. Click here to listen

If you are one of the traders who is worried about the growth of Football Index, then look no further than the long term growth path of the market (see graph above). It makes the recent drop look rather insignificant right? Keep calm, FI will keep rising in the long term.
The Week Ahead
The week ahead will undoubtedly be dominated by Covid-19. 

Tuesday 17th March

UEFA have called an emergency meeting with all stakeholders to formulate a response to events. Expect Euro 2020 to be formally postponed but it is unlikely an alternative date will be set just yet. A decision may or may not be made on the Champions and Europa League but expect UEFA to issue a further statement clarifying their position.

Thursday 19th March

All 20 members of the Premier League are set to meet to discuss what should happen with the rest of the season.

Expect an official position of postponement but clarification on the options should the continuation of the league not be possible. How does Liverpool being officially crowned Champions, no relegation and a 22 team league next year appeal to you?

All Week

7 Days of Media and Double Dividends. Expect the top end to grow, controversy over media scoring and fun whilst being involved in the only game in town.


of the week 
@FootyIndex_Talk gets tweet of the week!! A tweet showing the top 20 media buzz winners over last 3 years couldn't be more relevant in a time of prolonged Triple Media at double the normal dividend!

Follow @FootyIndex_Talk on Twitter for even more great content.
Quote of the week 
"Price is what you pay. Value is what you get"
Warren Buffett