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Football Index in 3 minutes - 30/03/20


Football Index in 3 minutes - 30/03/20

Football Index In 3 minutes


This is your weekly Football Index In 3 Minutes newsletter. Your weekly summary of the week just gone and a sneak peak at the week ahead. So here is everything you need to know about the week ending 29th March 2020 and yes you guessed it, in under 3 minutes.

Market Growth

Monday 23rd March 2020 - Sunday 29th March 2020

How did you perform vs the market?
We are in a economic crisis, right?

Football Index are resisting all current trends and continues to grow exponentially!

In the last 7 days, over £4,000,000 has been invested in the market. An enormous increase considering the wider economic environment. 

While much of this went into Sancho, £1,088,640 to be precise, the IndexTrak Tracker increased 1.26% bringing it closer to it's all time high of £1,120.

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News of the Week


The virus continues to spread it's impact across the footballing world. In Germany - Bayern, Leverkusen, Dortmund and RB Leipzip have pledged £18.3m to support lower league sides through the financial hardship they are suffering, whilst some players and directors are taking voluntary pay cuts. 

Though, none quite as sharp as they are over in Barcelona. The La Liga team who have a net spend of over £562m in the last 5 years, cannot pay their lower paid staff without the assistance of Messi and co. who have agreed pay cuts of up to 70%. Like the rest of us, they may have to learn what furloughed means. 

How will the financial impact on clubs across Europe impact transfer activity during the next window? 

Media, Media, Media, Media, Media

Is it any wonder that FI continues to grow when the generous dividend structure becomes even more generous.

FI have announced that from Saturday 4th April 5 places will be paid in media dividends and this will continue until the 30th April.

With more opportunities to win, is it a surprise that we have seen the media darlings and those with potential transfer saga's rising rapidly - resulting in Sancho becoming our first £12 player post share-split.


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The Week Ahead

FIGCAST Online Football Quiz

FIG and his Panda in crime have come to our rescue. Yes a Saturday night that doesn't have to be spent on Houseparty playing guess the drawing with your partner's friends. This is a football quiz. 

An opportunity to show that all your football research over recent month's hasn't been in vain. But more importantly, it is for charities supporting the fight against COVID-19. Join us as we show that we spent too much time developing our website and too little time watching re-runs of Premier League Years.

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UEFA Meeting - Wednesday 1st April

UEFA has invited it's 55 members to join a video conference call on Wednesday to discuss a way to move forward given the postponements caused by COVID-19. They are anticipated to discuss their options on finishing the Champions and Europa Leagues and what a delayed end to a season could mean for the transfer window. 

Expect the market to react to any statements that are forthcoming from UEFA and/or General Secretary's of the FA's once the meeting has concluded.



of the week 

There are many ways to make money on Football Index and we have seen some of the most obscure players scouted but @FIbenman has found that you can just scout agents. As always, Ben shows his skill at providing an unique outlook and generously shares it with the rest of the community. An account that is well worth a follow if you are not already.

Quote of the week 

"The stock investor is neither right or wrong because others agreed or disagreed with him; he is right because his facts and analysis are right"
Benjamin Graham