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Why IndexTrak

Why subscribe to IndexTrak?


Did you know the market grew 766% between January 2018 and December 2019? Did you know as of 01/01/2020 it would cost £1,782.76 to purchase 1 share in every player?


These are not just interesting facts about Football Index, this is the benchmark you should be measuring your portfolio’s growth against.


If you bought an even amount of shares in every player you would achieve the market growth so the question is are you beating the market?


With IndexTrak you can simply upload your transaction history and we will calculate how you have compared to the market.


In addition to providing you with the benchmark to compare yourselves against IndexTrak gives you the ability to log your reasons for purchasing a player, set a target selling price, provides you with detailed statistics tailored to your portfolio and more.


The time saved not having to track your portfolio in excel makes IndexTrak valuable but the insight into the true success of your portfolio is worth much more.


This is just the beginning of our journey to provide you with insights into your portfolio and the market with many more developments in the pipeline.


If you have any suggestions for any future developments or have any feedback please email us: contact@indextrak.co.uk