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Guide to uploading your Transaction History


Uploading your transaction history from Football Index into IndexTrak is quick and easy and this guide will take you through the step by step process.


Step 1:


Log into you Football Index Account on a Laptop or Desktop. Click  located in top right-hand corner of the screen.

This will take you to your account details screen.


Step 2:

At the bottom of your account details screen you will see the following options.


Choose ‘Transaction Summary’.


Step 3:


Scroll to the bottom to filter dates of download:


Unfortunately, Football Index will only allow you to download three months of history at a time. Download all the CSVs required from todays date to your first day of trading.


Step 4:


Once you have all your CSV’s downloaded, you will need to collate them all together.


You must keep the top row as follows:


Then copy and paste each of your downloads below this top row. Always exclude the top row. For instance in screenshot below you would only copy across rows 2-10.



Save your collated Transaction Summary.


Step 5:


Log in to your IndexTrak account and click  at the top of your homepage.



This will take you to your account details screen which will present you with the following choices:



Click ‘Choose CSV’. This will then allow you to select your Transaction History that you saved in Step 4.


Then click ‘Upload CSV’.


You are now ready to Track, Compare, Analyse and Share your portfolio on IndexTrak.


Any issues with uploading your Transaction History please contact us: Contact@indextrak.co.uk