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How to get the most out of IndexTrak?

Portfolio Table


There are two really helpful features on your current portfolio that will really improve your ability to trade on Football Index. The "Player Category" and the "Comment" section.


Player Category:

We have kept this section as simple as we could for launch of the site to ensure that there isn't a long list of options that will never get used. So firstly we welcome feedback on what you would like as a category. Please bare in mind that we won't add all that are requested to avoid it looking messy, however will add in any we get requested multiple times from different users.


To use this feature click on the drop down list and select the option you would like to pick. Once you are happy with your selection press the red tick to save it (currently you need to do this before moving on).



To add a comment click on the edit button in the relevant player row and a box as per the below will appear. Type in your reason and press "Add comment" this will save your comment for that player, you will then be able to see it within the portfolio table.





The charts are interactive therefore you can select and deselect the options to show you different views of each chart. For example if we take the dividend chart, you can deselect Media and Match Day Dividends to see how your in-play dividends are split as per the below:





We are keen to learn what our users want to be improved and added. We currently have a long list of developments in the plan and aim to get them out as soon as we can, however if there is something you would find useful, please email us or direct message us on Twitter.


Email: contact@indextrak.co.uk

Twitter: @FIMarketCap