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Portfolio Performance


Is your commission killing your dividends and profit? Ever wondered how many days you have been on Football Index and how much profit you've made per day? 




How much would your profit be if you had to instant sell rather than market sell? IndexTrak shows the demograhics of your portfolio by Position, League and Age.




Dividend Analysis


How much do you earn from match day dividends compared to media dividends?


What proportion of your in-play dividends come from Goals? Assists? Clean Sheets?


IndexTrak provides you with a complete split between all 5 different types of dividends. 




Risk Analysis


What player is your biggest risk in £ terms? Do they represent just 5% of your total portfolio or 50%? Which player do you hold the most shares in? 


The best way to mitigate against risk is to diversify and the best way to understand where you need to diversify is by seeing where you have the biggest risk.


Are you over-exposed or too risk adverse?