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Save Time


How much time do you spend tracking your portfolio within Excel?


If you currently track your portfolio in manually how many hours per month do you waste? Would that time be better spent researching players to increase your return?


IndexTrak allows you to upload your portfolio and takes care of the tracking & analysis freeing you up to increase your returns further.


Log Reasons For Purchasing


Have you ever looked at your portfolio and thought "why on earth did I buy him?"


Not anymore, IndexTrak allows you to track why you purchased the player!


Once you have uploaded your portfolio you can assign a reason for why you purchased each player in your current portfolio. The beauty of having to add a reason for purchase will begin to make you question your decision to purchase before you actually do and prevent you from hitting the instant sell button so quickly.


Set Your Target Selling Price


Not only does IndexTrak provide a selection of reasons for purchasing each player it also allows you to add any comments.

You can add a target selling price for each player, which of course can be amended as circumstances change. However, it keeps you true and helps you manage your expectations of a hold.